Monday, March 1, 2010


Spring Brings...
Baseball Games!


Motorcycle Rides!!

Okay now I just missed being an EFY counselor. This is me with a few of my girls. I was dancing on a table while passing out water. Pretty much the coolest EFY Counselor ever.

I wish it brought Paris, but it doesn't. I just missed Paris and look at that sky! It was in spring so it is relavent. was also in spring and an amazing, sunny day. Look how happy I am!

Parliament in London. Look at those trees. I love spring!

Back roads of London. Going swimming in a pond. Look at the trees!

Sunny day in London at Hyde Park. Check out the flowers behind me. I love it!

Spring also brings...

- New beginnings
- Spring cleaning
- New life
- Easter
- Sunshine
- Blossoms
- Getting excited for summer
- Long walks
- The return to the outdoors
- Fresh air; ideas; outlook

(Hyde Park in London on the most amazing spring day)

I love spring. Especially this spring. Turning 22. Graduating college. 1-year anniversary with Brady! Also, looking at a calendar, March seems a lot closer to graduation than February did and that makes me happy. Happy March 1!


  1. I may have blog stalked you and found your cute blog. You are darling and its so fun to see what you have been up to! I love spring too, horay for sunshine!!

  2. i wish you and i hung out. you are like the funnest chick ever.
    and you WOULD make the most awesome EFY counselor ever!!!! i know your girls just loved you!

  3. Spring is not coming fast enough!

  4. tell me about it.. i need it in my life!!!!!