Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vida Tequila

Hi Friends. I have some exciting news! I got an internship with Vida Tequila. Check it out.

I am so so excited!! It is one of the best tequilas on the market today. It's in all the hot spots around the country! I will be planning events for the Sundance Film Festival and other big events with celebrities. Yesterday I went to a presentation/tasting for a new vendor location (Fiddler's Elbow in Salt Lake. We are having an event there next Wednesday night and anybody can come!

Today I've been working on the invitations for the event. I am so excited to be working for them. I was told their last intern is now working in New York City for Elle magazine. Pretty sweet right? And don't worry, this doesn't mean I drink now. Who says you need to drink to plan the parties? :)

Monday, November 16, 2009


[sitting there trying to think of a captivating way to blog. following mental conversation ensues]

"This sucks," says negative Brady.

"Hey, knock that off. This is a good way to start," interjects positive Brady

"Whatever, people think this is a stupid post already. This blows and it is nothing but a pity read. I wanna go home."

"We can't go home, we gotta go to class."

"Ugg... class. Bleh." Blurted loud and obnoxiously.

"I know, bleh. Today is especially boring too."

"We haven't learned anything at all today, or ALL YEAR in this class. Why do we even go?Seriously, why don't we just go home a take a nap."



"I mean we physically cannot."

"Why?" impatiently this time.

"Britdawg has the keys."

"Damn it."

"Sucks. I know. Better luck next time."

[moment of mental silence as we pay attention to the teacher teaching for a few seconds]

"I'm hungry, are you hungry?"

"Yeah, I'm kind of hungry."

[we take a bit, deciding on what we want to get today]

"I'm thinking we should get that sandwich that Britdawg got us from Hogi-Yogi on Friday. That sauce was really good."

"Mmmm it was really good... or a chicken bowl. We like those."

"Yeah we do."

[we sit there smiling to ourselves like two idiots when the girl next to us asks us what is so amusing]

Said matter-of-factly and in unison, "food."

[weird look follows as girl turns back to the lecture in the front of the class]

"What the hell is her problem?"

"She thinks you're strange."

"How am I strange? She's the one staring at us and sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. We hate her."

"I like her, she's nice. She let us borrow her notes when we were sick the other week"

"Well I don't like her."

"You don't really like anybody, so that is not a big surprise. You're the rain cloud of this duo remember."

Said in a mocking tone, "you're the the cloud of this duo remember?"


"Can we just please LEAVE? We're not even paying attention, so lets just go already"

"I am getting pretty bored too... looks like he is wrapping up anyways."

Exhaling loudlly, "finally."

[quietly pack up our things]



"I'm sorry I snapped at you."

"Its ok, I forgive you."


"No problem."


"What is it?"

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Friday, November 13, 2009


Here I am trying to make my best witch face.  It didn't work out so well.  I just look angry haha

Halloween night we went to our friends Andrew and Alexis's halloween party!  It was honestly the best halloween party I have ever been to and will ever go to.  It was DECKED out!!  Their house even looks like a haunted house!  Everyone there was dressed up hard core, so that made it fun too. Here are Raegan and Joey as the bikers!
Andrew was a vampire and Lexi was the victim!  So cute!
The witch and her German husband.
Brady's best friends.
Here is a full shot of our costumes.  Brady's mom made Brady's one night!  Doesn't it look awesome!  I bought some corderoy pants from DI and she transformed them!  I love it.
Halloween was fun, but I am ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Although, it really doesn't feel like that time of year to me, and I hate it!  I've been listening to Christmas music at work, but it just doesn't feel right.  Don't you hate that?  Where are You Christmas?? :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mega Update

New York was amazing!!  It was so much fun being with my whole family, including my grandparents, and Brady!  We did so many fun things!!  It was perfect.  It was pretty cold, but we were lucky to never get rain.  
This is us all on our first night eating at a local restaurant!  I got the biggest sandwich ever.  It was so fun!

We ate at the coolest places!  This was just a tiny Italian place with really yummy pizza!  The picture doesn't really capture the ambiance.

Next we drove to Palmyra and definitely took the long way! :)  It was fun though.  We took the scenic route on accident, but it was gorgeous!!    Brady got this great picture of the Palmyra temple and the fall colors.  Did you know the temple is on the Smith's land?  It's pretty cool! The story is one big circle.
This is our family outside Joseph Smith's family home.  That is the actual fence that he and his brothers built!!  It was so sturdy.  The spirit was so strong on these grounds.  I couldn't help but cry most of the time.

This is at the visitor's center in Palmyra.  It was really pretty!
And last was Canada!  This is us at Niagra Falls.  It was definitely freezing!!!

Well, our trip was amazing.  Traveling with the Buckhannon's is the best!  I love my family.  More updates to come soon! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009


So I know I have a lot to update on, but it's hard because we don't get great internet in our apt. I just wanted to say that the post below this one was written by my cute Brady! And he is silly, because the website was created by him and his friends. They are all really creative.

Brady has been rapping since high school! He will only rap in front of a select group of people and luckily I am one of them. I remember the first time he did it in front of me and right after he was super embarrassed. I want him to perform at the Velour sometime, because he really is great!! I have a white, rapper husband! I love it! Brady's id on the website is iamfishious. Here is the link to their website: (This is the most rapper looking picture I could find of Brady haha)

Soon I will do an update with all our pictures from New York (so fun!) and Halloween...but here is a Halloween preview thanks to our good friends Andrew and Lexi!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hot blog

Stumbled upon this blog the other day by accident. Apparently, a group of friends made a blog just for rapping to each other. Interesting stuff. They post hyperlinks within the verses that coincide with the topic or rhyme. Sometimes it is a video, picture or definition. Very clever! I wish I had thought of it! These guys are crazy good!