Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My half puppy

Oh ya. We kind of got a puppy. Not really, but I like to think so. Brady and I had been looking at dogs for like a month straight (you know how you get obsessed with just searching stuff like that?) Brady always wants huge dogs and I wanted a little one so we both agreed that we would just never have any. Ok that is not entirely true, I decided that, but in the end I know I would sucumb to Brady and his need for 2 big dogs.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago our landlords who live above us had this puppy on their back porch always. I thought they might be babysitting it or something and I loved it! One day I was leaving to go pick Brady up from work and I stopped to play with the puppy. Sherri, our landlord, came out and told me it was theirs. She is a 9 week old Akita and I'm literally obsessed. Brady and I both are! Her name is Suki, but I just like to call her puppy haha. Basically I play with her every day when I get home.

It's great because we get the perks of having a dog, but don't have to do anything for it! Sweet. She is already getting bigger. Oh ya, she is going to be medium sized. So Brady is happy that she won't be a tiny dog and I am happy because I just need a friend sometimes during the day. I love her!

March Happiness

Spring break in Arizona was absolutely amazing!! It's definitely been the highlight of my year thus far. The only thing is that I didn't take a single picture. It's funny because I forgot my camera when we went down for Christmas, so this time I made sure I had it and my charger.

I thought about taking pictures, but I just didn't want to. It's like the time we spent down there was so simple and sweet, I didn't want to ruin it's "naturalness" by taking a photo. Does that make any sense? I mean I could've taken a picture of all us girls hanging out by the pool every day, but then it becomes a staged or posed event. And I didn't want that. I didn't want to take a picture of any of it because I wanted it to feel like it was normal for Brady and I to be there. Normal for us to go to the movies, lay out by the heated pool, watch BYU games with the fam, go bowling and out to breakfast. I am happy I don't regret my decision of subconsciously not taking pictures.

On another note, I love how the sun is starting to set at like 7:40 now. It's starting to feel like warmer weather is on it's way and its great!! All the kids in our neighborhood are out on the streets playing with each other till 9 at night. It's the best! I don't even know them, but I smile and wave at them just to show my support for them playing outside.

Also, graduation is coming. Slowly, but surely, it is coming. Lauren and I have a thing that if you say "Before you know it _________________ will be here" then it comes faster. Somethings I will not say, because I don't want it to come fast haha. Others, I say all the time. If you know of any full time jobs out there, let me know.

Last, but not least. Basic Bites is my favorite thing ever! I am so happy all my girlfriends are participating and love it just as much as I do. If you want to be a contributor, leave your email in a comment on this post. Or just follow the blog at


Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break BABY!!

So next week is Spring Break and I am so excited!! We are driving down to Arizona on Tuesday night to hang out with my family. I am looking forward to 80 degree weather for sure. My parents are going to heat the pool and we will just have the best time going to dinner, watching movies, playing games, laying out, staying up late and sleeping in. I can't wait! It seems like forever ago that it was warm outside or summer for that matter. Probably because I never did anything outside or summer-like in Texas. This summer, its going to be different!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Blog

Hi Friends. Some of you know that I have started a new blog. It is a community recipe blog where anyone can post! It is called Basic Bites. I just wanted a place where I could get recipes that had been tested and tasted and proved to be great!

So if you want to be a contributor (please do!) leave me your email address so I can invite you via email. That way you can go login and post away.

The recipes can be breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, appetizers, snacks or desserts! Anything goes, as long as you've made it before.

If you don't want to be a contributor, at least you can follow it and hopefully make some of the recipes. The address is


Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm 3 months...

Overdue for posting these pictures. HA! I bet you thought I was going to say pregnant. No, no. That will not be happening for another 3 or so years, so don't hold your breath.

I just imported these pictures to my computer and looking back all I can think is, "Wow. Brady and I have a great life and so much fun! I LOVE HIM!"

Reminiscing on old times is one of my favorite things. I love looking at old pictures, especially when you come across that one picture you never noticed before and it makes you laugh.
(ps I do not know why this is underlined and I can't figure out how to get it to go away)

Our attempt at getting a last minute Christmas card picture. It was Sunday evening after a day of napping and not fixing hair or make up. Haha needless to say, we didn't use it.

Our first Christmas tree! If you don't know, I work for the developmental math department at UVU. I've been there almost 2 years and this Christmas tree and ornaments have been on a shelf the entire time. So we borrowed it for the season. Ha!

Pictures from Raegan and Joey's wedding! We drove down for a couple days, but were actually in Utah for Thanksgiving with Brady's family. It was a quick trip, but lots of fun!

Brady's birthday cake from his mom!

Brady's 25th birthday dinner at Applebees with his friends!

We spent Christmas in Arizona and it was so fun!! I wish we could be there more often.

New Years up in Heber

Spontaneous trip to Las Vegas! Brady's first time going and my first time gambling. I was so nervous! I did a slot for a dollar and won my dollar back and cashed out haha. We had fun for the night.

Friday, March 5, 2010

This is how I feel...

This is how I feel right now about the constant snow since 11 pm last night...

And it's not stopping. We've probably already recieved 6-7 inches. Seriously. This is why I am wearing my velor sweat suit and uggs at school right now.

I normally never wear sweats to school, but this is a protest. Like 10 minutes after I got to school I regretted wearing my sweat suit because I feel like a slob. But still, I am protesting this snow!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I still haven't gone to Home Goods. I've been kind of sick and trying to take it easy so it will go away. I just did my second workout dvd and I felt like I got a lot more of a workout, but I still wasn't sweating. I was bugged. I am going to try some of the other options people mentioned.

I'm so done with winter. Seriously. I know it probably gets annoying for AZ kids to hear how sick everyone is of the cold, but seriously. This weather is a trickster. One day it is 50 degrees and sunny and then today it is a blizzard outside. It gets depressing. I can't wait for spring break in Arizona! Laying by the pool, shopping, going out to eat and just living life! Can't wait!

You know, sometimes life gets really hard. I get down pretty easy and find myself comparing our situation with others, when in reality that is the worst thing a person can do. I just want to give a shout out to my Brady. He works super hard for us and always has a positive outlook. I love him.

Well good day.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ghetto Spring

So remember my last post? How I was going to make my own wreath? I did everything I said I was going to.

I event went to TJ Maxx AND Ross. Now I am depressed. Everything is crap!

I went to JoAnn's and Michaels and I just stared at the flowers and the foam wreath bases. I don't know what to do. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby here. Lame.

I think tomorrow I will trek my way up to Salt Lake to go to TJ Maxx Home Goods store. They better have something.

The only reason why this is so important to me is because our door decor is the only holiday/seasonal decor I ever sport (with an exception of our baby Christmas tree).

Anyway, wish me luck for tomorrow!


Today I am going to make my own wreath for spring. I had the cutest, big, red, sparkly heart on my door for Valentine's day, but it is time for spring!

I went to JoAnne's and everything they had was ugly.

I went to Tai Pan and everything they had was cute. It was also average $50 a wreath. No thanks.

I want to go to TJ Maxx Home Goods store (my favorite store ever) but it is in Salt Lake.

Maybe I will go to the normal TJ Maxx, but sometimes that place drives me crazy (if you know what I mean).

So pretty much I am going to be crafty because I love it and make my own wreath. I will post a pic when I am finished!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Spring Brings...
Baseball Games!


Motorcycle Rides!!

Okay now I just missed being an EFY counselor. This is me with a few of my girls. I was dancing on a table while passing out water. Pretty much the coolest EFY Counselor ever.

I wish it brought Paris, but it doesn't. I just missed Paris and look at that sky! It was in spring so it is relavent. was also in spring and an amazing, sunny day. Look how happy I am!

Parliament in London. Look at those trees. I love spring!

Back roads of London. Going swimming in a pond. Look at the trees!

Sunny day in London at Hyde Park. Check out the flowers behind me. I love it!

Spring also brings...

- New beginnings
- Spring cleaning
- New life
- Easter
- Sunshine
- Blossoms
- Getting excited for summer
- Long walks
- The return to the outdoors
- Fresh air; ideas; outlook

(Hyde Park in London on the most amazing spring day)

I love spring. Especially this spring. Turning 22. Graduating college. 1-year anniversary with Brady! Also, looking at a calendar, March seems a lot closer to graduation than February did and that makes me happy. Happy March 1!