Friday, July 24, 2009


So last week Brady called me and said, "I'm coming home!."  I was so so excited!!  I left an hour later to go be with him for the weekend and drive him home on Sunday.  His manager has allowed just him to come home and sell in San Antonio.  Our friend Todd is being Brady's "personal" tech!  It's been pretty hard for Brady though.  The people here are definitely rude here and don't like to listen to anybody.  I feel really bad.  (I surprised Brady with a Boston Red Sox garter.  Just wanted to post the pic! haha)

My family is coming on Wednesday though!  We are so excited to see them!  It's too bad Emily can't come.  Although Brady will still have to work every day, I still think it will be a good change of pace to be able to hang out with the fam at night :)  A couple of weeks ago I went to California to be with my family for 4th of July!  It was so fun and it is my favorite vacation in the world.  Brady had to stay here and work so I was bummed.  But I had a great time!

The other day my wedding photographer posted our pictures!!  I am so happy and I love them a ton!!  I have to choose 400 to have printed.  If you want to look at them and tell me which numbers you like best, that would be awesome!  Go to, click on Proofs, then click Brittany and Brady Wedding.  Then enter my email address:

I can't believe I am going back to Utah in less than a month.  I really can't wait to be back in school and live a normal life.  Nothing has been normal since we got married.  The day after we got back from our honeymoon we drove out to Texas and from there nothing has been certain!  I am in charge of finding a place for Brady and I to live in the fall.  I really want to live in Orem because we both go to UVU, but really I am just looking for somewhere cheap that is relatively nice.  I wish they had cool places like this in Orem! haha

Everything has been awesome at SeaWorld.  I have had many projects and have had a ton of different and cool experiences.  It really has been such a blessing.  The girls I work with really are my second family and only girlfriends in San Antonio! (I miss my girls in San Angelo...and New York!)

Also, I have been thinking about The Bachelorette since Monday night!!  I can't believe it's already the season finale on Monday.  What the!?  Where has the summer gone?  She better choose Ed.  But she is weird so who knows what she will do.  Ok and So You Think You Can Dance.  The dance by Melissa and Ade about breast cancer.  AMAZING!  I was by myself and I was crying a little bit.  That was honestly my favorite dance on the show.

Well I hope everything is going well for everybody! Have a great day!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gone for 1 month

You read right.  Brady will be gone till August 1!  He left on June 29 and I haven't seen him since.  What's even worse is that all the wives moved up there too!  So now I am literally alone in my Texas apartment.  It is the worst!!  I'm so bored!  I try to do crafts, but they get so expensive.  Does anyone have any ideas of a hobby I could take up?  I wanted to do a cooking class or a class at hobby lobby, but those are also very pricey.  PLEASE let me know your ideas! :)