Friday, January 6, 2012

Feeling blessed!

Hi!  Guess what.  Brady and I have been blessed again!  We have been offered to live in a home in Midway, UT while a senior couple goes on a two year mission.  I am so excited and feeling extremely grateful!  We will move at the end of this month.  Anyway, here is a quick recap of the last 3 months!

Brady's handlebar mustache.  I got used to it after a week ha!

BYU Basketball games!!  We have season tickets and it's awesome!!!

Went to Idaho for Thanksgiving and stayed with Brady's sister, Holly.  Drove up to Jackson Hole, WY for the day!!  Super cute town.

Some of the friends who came to the cabin for Brady's birthday!

Brady turns 27!!!

At the Riverwoods for dinner!

Emily and I at a karaoke bar over Christmas break!  Ha!

Christmas Eve at my Grandma's house!

The fam in our Christmas pjs at Gradmas!

Me and Lauren in our matching Christmas pjs.

Christmas river cruise down the Provo river!  Lights, Santa and Christmas music.  Need I say more?

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert!  AMAZING!

Dinner with Camille (and Lauren!)  over the break!! :)

At the movies on New Years Eve!  A new tradition! :)

The friends on New Years Eve at dinner!

This is just an update of our lives the last 3 months!!  I would love to do a 2011 recap, but that will have to be another night :)