Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Announcement!!!!!! My husband, P. Brady Fish, got the job in the marketing department at UVU!! I'm so proud of him! He is still going to school, but this is not a student position. It is a normal, part-time job so the pay is great and hours great too!!!!! I'm so excited and grateful for everyone who has been praying for us, but most of all I am so proud of Brady for being amazing!!! Love you!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

I will have the cutest Christmas card...guaranteed!

I love the holiday season and Christmas spirit!! Last year I was too busy with finals, work and life in general to create Christmas cards, but this year I actually have some time! Shutterfly has the cutest cards available and I know their services are reliable!! I previously made a photo book for my family and it turned out darling. I also made a bridal shower invitation using Shutterfly and it was super cute! Click here to see the birthday card invites. Here are some of my favorites for our 2010 Christmas cards! Click here to see all the options!

Super classy! Love the black and green.

I love how this is a square!

That's real glitter people!! Love it!

This is kind of a combo of each! Square, simple and classic!

There are several reasons why I am choosing Shuttefly to do my Christmas cards. Their prices are very competitive and the designs are the cutest! They have way more options than any other site I’ve checked out. They also have the option to actually mail out your cards for you! How easy is that?! I love it!! It’s one less think I have to think about!

So if you are looking to make some super cute, easy and inexpensive Christmas cards this year, click here for all of Shutterfly’s options!! I promise you will not be disappointed!!

Which card do you like best?? I need help deciding!

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to my BEEB!!!!

Today is Brady's 26th Birthday!! I love him and am very grateful for him in my life.
I love you Brady!

Thursday, December 2, 2010