Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March Happiness

Spring break in Arizona was absolutely amazing!! It's definitely been the highlight of my year thus far. The only thing is that I didn't take a single picture. It's funny because I forgot my camera when we went down for Christmas, so this time I made sure I had it and my charger.

I thought about taking pictures, but I just didn't want to. It's like the time we spent down there was so simple and sweet, I didn't want to ruin it's "naturalness" by taking a photo. Does that make any sense? I mean I could've taken a picture of all us girls hanging out by the pool every day, but then it becomes a staged or posed event. And I didn't want that. I didn't want to take a picture of any of it because I wanted it to feel like it was normal for Brady and I to be there. Normal for us to go to the movies, lay out by the heated pool, watch BYU games with the fam, go bowling and out to breakfast. I am happy I don't regret my decision of subconsciously not taking pictures.

On another note, I love how the sun is starting to set at like 7:40 now. It's starting to feel like warmer weather is on it's way and its great!! All the kids in our neighborhood are out on the streets playing with each other till 9 at night. It's the best! I don't even know them, but I smile and wave at them just to show my support for them playing outside.

Also, graduation is coming. Slowly, but surely, it is coming. Lauren and I have a thing that if you say "Before you know it _________________ will be here" then it comes faster. Somethings I will not say, because I don't want it to come fast haha. Others, I say all the time. If you know of any full time jobs out there, let me know.

Last, but not least. Basic Bites is my favorite thing ever! I am so happy all my girlfriends are participating and love it just as much as I do. If you want to be a contributor, leave your email in a comment on this post. Or just follow the blog at



  1. I went to add a recipe tonight..and realized I wasn't a member yet! so add me :) I am loving the basic bites blog. such a cute idea--thanks brittany!!

  2. I absolutely loved this post. It described our spring break perfectly. And i am glad we didn't take any pics too. It made it feel a lot more "natural" and i LOVED every minute of it!! I am so sad it is over, but can't wait to see you on Friday!! Love you!