Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My half puppy

Oh ya. We kind of got a puppy. Not really, but I like to think so. Brady and I had been looking at dogs for like a month straight (you know how you get obsessed with just searching stuff like that?) Brady always wants huge dogs and I wanted a little one so we both agreed that we would just never have any. Ok that is not entirely true, I decided that, but in the end I know I would sucumb to Brady and his need for 2 big dogs.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago our landlords who live above us had this puppy on their back porch always. I thought they might be babysitting it or something and I loved it! One day I was leaving to go pick Brady up from work and I stopped to play with the puppy. Sherri, our landlord, came out and told me it was theirs. She is a 9 week old Akita and I'm literally obsessed. Brady and I both are! Her name is Suki, but I just like to call her puppy haha. Basically I play with her every day when I get home.

It's great because we get the perks of having a dog, but don't have to do anything for it! Sweet. She is already getting bigger. Oh ya, she is going to be medium sized. So Brady is happy that she won't be a tiny dog and I am happy because I just need a friend sometimes during the day. I love her!


  1. please get it... it is so cute!! or you should get an american bulldog... so cute!!

  2. oh my gosh i'm gonna freak out right now it is so cute! i'll have to look in to that breed (i know a little about them) cuz eric told me i could get a dog when he doesn't have cancer anymore!!! wheeeeee!