Monday, February 8, 2010


So I work part time and go to school full time and have an internship, but I still feel like I have soooo much free time!! Like too much. I want to be busier. I would get another job, but I can't because nobody wants to hire someone with a schedule as random as mine. I'm going to start volunteering somewhere, but I need something for myself too.

This is my question. I need a hobby. A cheap hobby that gets addicting. What are your ideas? What are you addicted to?! I seriously can't think of anything. HELP! Thanks :)


  1. go here and poke around...
    im starting to mod podge lots of stuff around the house...

  2. I'm addicted to decorating the house or making things to decorate with! It's really fun and rewarding to put up a decoration that you personally made.

  3. You should take up cooking! It is so amazing all of the cool food blogs out there. Love them!