Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thank you cards

How long did it take you to send out your thank you cards for your wedding?

I was really good when it came to my bridal shower. They were out the next day! People got them before my wedding (my bridal shower was a week before my wedding).

I haven't sent out my thank you cards for our wedding gifts yet. I've read a couple of times that it is proper to send them out within a year. So I have 3 months left. I've written 75% of them, but I just need to address and stamp them!!

This is my motivation. I need to do it. I will do it. I'm a classy woman. That's all.


  1. didn't send them. we are horrible people, we know. what's worse is about 7 months after we got married they were stamped, addressed, and written. we did them in the form of a postcard and they changed the postage price the day i mailed them. they sat in my car for another few months and finally one day i took a deep breath and threw them away, i was too late. so depressing, i felt like such a loser, and i vowed to write better thank you notes from now on. so good for you!

  2. hahaha good for you girl! I made Deric write his notes, so I think we got ours out a few months after... mainly because I had help and was sick of looking at them. If I did them all it would of taken years... ;)

  3. ha ha Tiffany you are not alone!! We are horrible too. I wrote about half of them and then left them in AZ so they never got finished. Time just flew right by. Oh well... I did send out thank you cards for my showers really quick though. Brit you are so close!! Just do the last few and then you will feel so good about just getting them done!

  4. we got them all written out, probably sent 70 percent of them...and the rest we had no clue who they were! none of their names rang a bell to our parents but i still have them all hahaha.

  5. I had very good intentions, but the year mark came and went and now I'm too embarrassed to do anything about it... Next time you and Keri and your lovers go bowling- I call Steve and I get to go too, okay?