Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sundance Stories. You want to see this.

For my internship with Vida Tequila I have worked at a few parties at the Sundance Film Festival up in Park City. Needless to say, it has been quite the experience.

Brady dropped me off at noon on Saturday. Right when I walked in, I was put to work. Guess who made the hors d'oevres? Thats right. I did! It was so weird. I made like frozen pizza rolls from Costco. Seriously? Ya. My boss was not in charge of this party. It ended up being alright.

Right after that lunch ended, we had to put together a dinner that Ben Affleck was hosting. I was working so hard!! I can't even tell you how much alcohol I moved up stairs and down stairs and just everywhere! It was pretty cool. The party started and I actually ran into Mr. Affleck himself. Yes, I got a picture with him. And yes, he is good looking in person. I got to eat dinner with him and the cast of his new movie: The Company Men.

The next party was hosted by Bill Murray. Do you know who he is? Yeah remember the movie "What About Bob?" That's him. I got to chat with him for about 10 minutes. We didn't get a picture because I felt awkward asking. He was a little out if it if you know what I mean. But he was way nice and really wanted me to go skiing? Weird.

Later that night, Brady was able to come to one of the parties. I was sooooo happy he could come!! I needed a friend. He came at 11 and then we just got to party with everyone! We danced and ate and drank free stuff and just had a ton of fun. Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures.

We got home at 3 AM!!!!!! I was there for 14 hours and working for probably 11. It was so exhausting, but worth it. I had to be back in Park City at 9 am the next day. It has been snowing super bad so it takes like an hour and 15 minutes to get there. I wanted to leave at 7:45 am but accidentally set my alarm for 7:45. That's what happens when you are so tired.

I worked a brunch on Sunday morning for Robert Duvall. He was Vince Vaugn's dad on Four Christmases and a lot of other movies. Check him out.

I was checking people in for the brunch and I checked in Tom Arnold and asked him his name. Do you know who he is? I didn't until a few girls were freaking out inside when they saw him haha. He is a comedian.

Okay I am sick of writing about the people who were there so I am just going to post their picture haha.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer)

Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl)

Kristen Steward (Twilight)
I was invited to work at a party for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes last night, but I was too tired and the party was from 10 pm -2 am.
That's not great when you have work at 8 am the next day.


  1. You're a rockstar! Dude...I have never met anyone famous...but now I feel like I 2nd hand have, because you have, and we are friends.

    I suddenly just became a rockstar.

  2. What!? Brittany that is freakin awesome!!! What a GREAT job!

  3. haha i love it! that's amazing...I seriously feel like I'm reading about the hills...I love that you got a picture with ben affleck. You just earned like 50 cool points in my book :) Love you!

  4. holy hell BABS! you are famous! my internship looks super lame next to yours!! what a FUN FUN, but busy time! keep postin about this internship!

  5. wow im so jealous!!!!!! i want to know how you met the other ones and if they were nice or not!

  6. Oh my, I have famous friend! So fun to mix and mingle with the Hollywood crowd

  7. brittany! That sounds soo fun!! what a fun internship! omg what is your major and how can i join in!? haha

  8. WTF....i want to work that... i forgot you were still doing that.. do you love it??

  9. Glad you were able to meet lots of "A Listers". Sounds like most of them won't even remember their own parties!