Monday, January 11, 2010

The New Year!!

I can't believe I haven't posted since Halloween!! Well actually I kind of can because last semester was rediculously busy!! This semester is much better. I honestly can't wait for summer to be here. It seems like it has been winter for a year already. I'm sick of waking up when it is still dark and having the sun go down at 5:00. Not fun! Anyway, for Christmas we were down in Arizona and it was so great!! The weather was awesome and we did a lot of fun things with my family. We weren't able to drive back when we were planning because it just kept storming in southern Utah, so we took advantage of that and went to our cabin so Brady could go snowboarding with my mom, Shelley, Chase and Davis. I stayed in the "lodge." It wasn't much of a lodge....but it was fun! When we came back to Utah, Brady's brother Todd was in town from Washington so we went to Heber almost every day! We spent New Years with his family and had a fun time. I was ready for school to start again, just so it can BE OVER and I can finally GRADUATE in APRIL!! WOO HOO!!! Also, I cut my hair.


  1. YES and I LOVE your haircut! It looks great! Those are some FUN pictures! I cant believe you are graduating! I am SO jealous! :) Congrats!!!

  2. yay an update finally! I love your hair it's sooo cute! glad you had a good Christmas :)