Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mega Update

New York was amazing!!  It was so much fun being with my whole family, including my grandparents, and Brady!  We did so many fun things!!  It was perfect.  It was pretty cold, but we were lucky to never get rain.  
This is us all on our first night eating at a local restaurant!  I got the biggest sandwich ever.  It was so fun!

We ate at the coolest places!  This was just a tiny Italian place with really yummy pizza!  The picture doesn't really capture the ambiance.

Next we drove to Palmyra and definitely took the long way! :)  It was fun though.  We took the scenic route on accident, but it was gorgeous!!    Brady got this great picture of the Palmyra temple and the fall colors.  Did you know the temple is on the Smith's land?  It's pretty cool! The story is one big circle.
This is our family outside Joseph Smith's family home.  That is the actual fence that he and his brothers built!!  It was so sturdy.  The spirit was so strong on these grounds.  I couldn't help but cry most of the time.

This is at the visitor's center in Palmyra.  It was really pretty!
And last was Canada!  This is us at Niagra Falls.  It was definitely freezing!!!

Well, our trip was amazing.  Traveling with the Buckhannon's is the best!  I love my family.  More updates to come soon! :)


  1. that's so lucky you guys got to travel to all those fun places!!! and your family is so cute :)

  2. How fun to be with your entire family in NY! You two make a beautiful couple!! :) I loved catching up on your life. Your dye job looks amazing BTW. When I tried a box I ended up with orange hair for a month! :) Keep in touch!

  3. It looks like you had so much fun! I want to go to New York after seeing all those pictures. That picture of the temple with the trees all around is BEAUTIFUL!!

  4. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!! Sounds like you guys had an amazing time!!! See you at a football game soon! Hope we sit by you guys again! :)