Friday, November 13, 2009


Here I am trying to make my best witch face.  It didn't work out so well.  I just look angry haha

Halloween night we went to our friends Andrew and Alexis's halloween party!  It was honestly the best halloween party I have ever been to and will ever go to.  It was DECKED out!!  Their house even looks like a haunted house!  Everyone there was dressed up hard core, so that made it fun too. Here are Raegan and Joey as the bikers!
Andrew was a vampire and Lexi was the victim!  So cute!
The witch and her German husband.
Brady's best friends.
Here is a full shot of our costumes.  Brady's mom made Brady's one night!  Doesn't it look awesome!  I bought some corderoy pants from DI and she transformed them!  I love it.
Halloween was fun, but I am ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Although, it really doesn't feel like that time of year to me, and I hate it!  I've been listening to Christmas music at work, but it just doesn't feel right.  Don't you hate that?  Where are You Christmas?? :)


  1. Cute pictures and costumes!!! I'm defiantly wanting it to be Thanksgiving and Christmas too!

  2. Love the costumes. I'm glad to see that Scott and I aren't the only couple who didn't match this year. I agree. Halloween is overrated. I love thanksgiving and christmas way better. Are you coming here this year?