Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our First Temporary Little Texas Home!

When we moved to Texas, we really didn't bring much.  We've tried to make the best of what we have and we really love it!  It's fun having our own home together.  And I am obsessed with keeping it clean.  When we first moved in it totally smelled like smoke and someone had tried to cover it up.  Gross!  It was like a non smoking hotel room that someone had smoked in.  Not a fan.  So we bought Frebreeze and a candle and a glade plug in thing.  I was so proud the other day when our friend came over and said "Wow your house smells so great!"  haha mission accomplished!!
This is our cute shower curtain and bath mat!  I'm sure you all really care about seeing this stuff aha.  Oh well I need something to blog about!
This is Brady's old bed spread.  I didn't want to bring any of our new stuff to Texas.  Don't ask me why ha.
I bought that picture at TJ Maxx Home Goods Store!  I'm obsessed with that place!  Seriously I should never go there.
There are 3 wives named Brittany here!  Me, Brittany G and Brittany B!  We are all friends and our new hobby is modge podge.  I made these letters!  Aren't they cute?!  I made a frame too but it's not finished.  I'll post more later!
This is our kitchen.  The laminate tile is kind of annoying.  Sometimes it sticks to my heels and actually moves the tile out of place...ya we should probably talk to the management about it.  Other than that it's so fun being married and being a wife!  I am so glad that I can help Brady by having the house clean and dinner made when he comes home from a long day of work!

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  1. Your new place is so cute! I haven't talked to you in so long. Abbey had you guys linked to her blog... so excited! We missed you both on the 4th. Hope everything is treating you both well. You look like you having fun. I love that I am now in touch... yeah for BLOGGING!