Monday, June 15, 2009

Girls Week and Baby!

This week the entire office is in a secret location for the week.  It's 3 hours away, so they all have a hotel and we won't see them till Saturday.  I'm glad I have my girlfriends here or else I would go crazy!  We have some fun plans for the week!  Pictures and updates to come! :)

Also, a couple of days ago I created a baby using Brady and my picture.  We did this before but the baby really wasn't that cute haha.  This baby looks chubby and I love it!


  1. Cute baby! And love the blog! Hope you are having fun in Texas! Yeehaw!


  2. Freak how did you create that baby I want to do it, teach me!!!!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA.... the baby!!! That is hilarious! and YOU are hilarious. oh geez... you should make one for Casey and Jason, then we can see how accurate this thing really is! :)