Saturday, June 20, 2009

The End of Girls Week #1

This is Britt G and I watching The Bachelorette!  That is my guilty pleasure.  I look forward to it every week! haha 

Later that night we all went to Kim's and played "Would You Rather" and just laughed so hard!  Britt and I slept over and acted like we were 13 again.  Good Times! :)
This is my first day at my internship at SeaWorld!!  I'm so excited!!  I asked one of the girls I worked with if I could hold a Shamu when she took the pictures ha.  I already love it!
Thursday night we went to the Colby Caillat concert at 6 Flags!  Britt and Kim went to 6 Flags earlier that morning to get us tickets!  Thanks girls!  Also, Brittany's friend Amanda is visiting from Georgia.  She is a really nice girl!!  We had a ton of fun!
We were only 4 rows away!  It was sweet! Her voice sounded exactly like her cd!!
I got to shake her hand after the concert!!!  It was cool! haha  later that night we were waiting in line for the longest time and it was finally our turn to go, but we weren't allowed to because "VIP" was going on.  I looked around the corner to see who was taking our spots and it was Colby and her band!!  I sat in the seat she sat in haha.
This is just a fun picture!  That was way fun!!

Last night we started playing Pictionary!  It was so fun!!  We were all laughing so so hard!!!!  Afterwards we went to Coldstone!

Now I can't wait for this boy to get home!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. what a fun girls week! I loved your wedding dress by the way soo pretty!!