Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Birthday!

Well it was my 24th birthday on April 23!  It was seriously awesome!!!  Brady spoiled me so so much.  I can't even begin to tell you how lucky I am! 

A week before my birthday he told me he had something for me. I told him that if it was a birthday present that I didn't want it until my actual birthday because I love surprises.  He promised it wasn't and handed me a large golden rod envelope.  I opened it and found wads of cash and was shocked!  He said it was for me to go shopping because I have not been shopping (and I mean REAL shopping) in a very long time (since before we got married...)  He had been secretly saving for 4 months and told me he wanted me to spend every penny!  The reason he gave it to me a week early was so I could actually wrap my mind around spending the money on me and not bills.  Trust me, this was NOT easy for me to do!!!

By the time Saturday rolled around, Keri and I made our way to Salt Lake to shop till we dropped!  Brady gave Keri the money so she would make sure we spent all of it on clothes and accessories.  We spend a little over half.  We really tried to spend all of it, but I really have to love something to buy it and I didn't want to just waste money!  But don't worry, I've officially spent it all since then ;)  We found some really great deals and I got sooo many new and really nice things!

As if that wasn't enough, I woke up to breakfast in bed on my birthday too!  When I walked out into our family room, Brady really surprised me then!!!  There was a brand new beach cruiser with a cute basket and flowers everywhere!!!  My new hobby is gardening and I absolutely love it!  We went to dinner that night and then came home and went on a bike ride.  Wow.  I am just so lucky!!!!!!!!  I love you Brady!  Thanks for the awesome birthday!!!!!!!


  1. ahhh i LOVE IT!!!!! You totally deserve it! Bdays are the best and I am so glad your cute husband spoiled you! What a blast! I want to see a picture of you in a cute new outfit riding your bike :)

  2. AW, LOVE cool!!! :) i will always remember when your bday is...glad it was so special!!

  3. oh my goodness what an amazing birthday!! What a sweet and thoughtful husband you have, that is such an awesome gift! And that beach cruiser is adorable! I am glad you had such a great birthday!!

  4. What a great husband! Happy birthday to you Brittany!

  5. I have three emotions I am currently experiencing... SHOCK AND JEALOUSY AND A LOVE FOR BRADY BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!!! Best birthday ever!!!