Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy 3rd Anniversary - Our Love Story

Today is mine and Brady's 3rd anniversary and I thought it would be fun to share our love story!

Brady and I met at the Classic Skate in Orem, UT in April 2007 when I was only 18.  I was there with my friend Kate and Brady was there with a bunch of boys on a trip down from Rexburg, ID.  After him and his friends left, Kate and I decided to leave too.  When we got in the car, Brady had his friend pull up and talk to us.  He got my number and a couple days later we hung out.  The first night we hung out, we stayed up till 5 AM just talking and laughing.  I instantly knew there was something different about this boy and I really liked him.
One of our first pictures.  Hanging out in the King Henry parking lot!
 We hung out every day for the next two weeks.  Brady left to sell security in Atlanta, and I left to go to BYU Hawaii for the semester.  We talked, texted and emailed for about a month.  Brady seemed to be growing fonder, but my fear of commitment made me break things off.  I told him I didn't want to talk until we were both back in Provo in August.

So when August came, we went on a date to Tucanos and everything fit right back into place.  I loved it.  But I was scared, so I once again told Brady I didn't want anything to do with him.  I feel bad thinking about how I broke his heart, but I know it was what I needed to do in order to grow up!

The months went by, and in December 2007 Brady got a Facebook account.  Not sure how I found out, but I think he became friends with some of my friends and it said it in my news feed.  I wrote him a message and told him he was the last person I ever expected to see on Facebook.  And so the messaging began....

We sent novels back and forth to each other talking about really deep and spiritual topics, and then talking about funny jokes and lighthearted things.  Brady sent me a Boo Koo over night because I was craving one and I secretly loved him for it.  We planned on hanging out when I got back to Utah, but once again I was chicken and I might have had another boyfriend at this point.

So we didn't hang out.  April 2008 came around and Brady sent me a message on Facebook for my birthday.  I was leaving for London in the following days, so I wrote him back something short and sweet when I arrived.  After a month or so of being in London, I saw Brady and Joey became friends on Facebook.  Joey had been dating my cousin for a year at this point.  I messaged Joey and asked him how he knew Brady?  He told me he loves Brady and that they work together.

From that moment, I could not get Brady off my mind.  I still had the boyfriend waiting for me at home, but I knew I was not going to marry this guy.  I wanted to be with Brady.  My friends thought I was crazy since I hadn't even talked to him in 6 months or so.

When I got back from London, I broke up with my boyfriend that very night.  A couple days later I ran into Brady at a stake bbq.  This wasn't by chance.  Joey saw me there, called Brady and told him to come because I was there. From that night, we were together every day of every waking moment.  That was the best summer.  I was finally ready to face the fact that I loved Brady and I really wanted to be with him all the time.  We were married less than a year later on May 15, 2009, three years ago today.

One of our many motorcycle rides that summer!

Brady came to Arizona to visit his sister and it worked out that he was able to come to Lauren and Ryan's wedding! This was the first time he met my family and my dad ended up inviting him to sleep over!

Many sweet summer nights.
One of our engagement pictures

I know I may sound like a total brat the way I treated Brady, but I knew in my heart that I loved him and that really scared me.  I'm so glad Brady waited for me and trusted me in the end that I would not break his heart for the millionth time.  I love him so much.  It makes me want to cry just thinking about it!  I couldn't have married a more patient, loving, hardworking man.  Happy 3rd Anniversary Brady! I love you.


  1. i got chills reading your cute story! congrats! you guys are such a beautiful couple!

  2. Love this! I remember meeting Brady at Lauren's reception! Happy Anniversary!

  3. this is so cute! I love that joey new him and connected you guys back together! what an awesome story! you guys are wonderful! what did you think of the bacholorette last night?

  4. adorable!! what a cute story!!! and I love bacholorette as well, didn't like a couple of the guys she chose last night haha.

  5. Cute! Happy anniversary!! Love your pictures!

  6. So glad he was patient! My story and Cort's is kindof similar. I kept breaking his heart cause I just wasn't ready to get married. I was crazy about him too. We love having you in our family and I am glad it all worked out the way it did! Happy Anniversary!