Saturday, September 5, 2009

Best Post YET!!!

OKAY!  So I know I don't have a ton to update on, but I do have a lot of pictures to put up!   Some of these are way over due, but the last month has been pretty chaotic.  

First.  When I was in Texas, I was dying to get my hair done.  But I didn't have my wonderful Jenny to do it for me!  I was also trying to save money, so I went to WalMart.  That's right.  I bought a box!  GASP! When I went to BYU Hawaii, I highlighted my own hair with a box and it turned out amazing!!  

While at WalMart, I met an older woman who was looking at hair color boxes too.  We started talking and she became my reason for completely doing this to my hair.  Brady was coming in town that night to visit for the day and I wanted to look extra cute!

This is my before shot....don't judge.  Seriously.  It's also very dirty.

As you can see...this is nothing a little baby powder could cover.  I needed something SERIOUS!

So after the box dye, my roots were slightly orange.  I cried, but got over it 10 minutes later.  My mom (who hadn't even seen it) convinced me on the phone that it was probably better than my roots.  TRUE.  

This is the after shot.

What are your thoughts?  I'm only wearing that red shirt because I didn't want to get dye on my cute tie dye shirt. HAHA

Ok next on the list of updates.  My last day at SeaWorld was bitter sweet.  I was so excited to get back to Utah to be with my sister, cousins, friends and Brady, but it was a little sad.

I was able to go meet a couple of the Beluga Whales!  I got to do some of the tricks the trainers get to do.  It was so fun!  I officially love these animals.  They really have a mind of their own.

When I got home from Texas I went to DI in search for some bedroom furniture.  You know what?  I love good deals and I love crafts.  That's why I love DI...sometimes.  But this time, it was great!!!  I found a nightstand for $5 and a tall dresser for $8.  Yeah...$13 all together.  Saweet.  My sister emily helped me redo them.  Here are the before and after pics.  I haven't put hardware on them yet, but you can get the idea.

So as you all know, I said yes to my apartment before I even saw it.  I had Amanda go look at it for me and she said yes, so I said YES!  Lauren came with me for the first time to see it and I was insta-in-love.  Cutest neighborhood.  Kids everywhere.  Safe.  And our landlords were out in their garden...precious.  Anyway, our apartment is the bomb.

This is Brady and all of our crap everywhere.  As you can tell by his face, moving is not fun haha.

The first night Brady got home we slept on an air mattress.  Hi--it was like deflated by the time we woke up in the morning.  So that day we went and bought a bed.  This is not our's some suede one that Brady has had his whole life and he thinks it's the coolest.  I am not really a fan.  Don't judge.

A couple days ago my grandma's husband was so nice to drive up all of our wedding gifts and some of our furniture.  We FINALLY have gotten everything moved in!!!  There are still some finishing touches, but it feels so good to be in a clean home without any boxes.  Here are some pictures!!

I love our couches!!  We got a great deal for with the Labor Day sale!! :)
We bought our tv on KSL and got a great deal.  Brady loves that he can watch football now!
I still need a lamp shade for the bedside lamp and a few more pillows :)

(Our real bedding...I LOVE IT!)

The bathroom...

This is by far the most intense post I have ever done.  Let me know if you enjoyed it!!  Hope everyone is having a great Saturday and a great 3 day weekend!


  1. I love, love, love it all!! It look so amazing! YOu did a great job with everything! You are the bomb. I can't wait to come see it in person!

  2. oh i love your house, so cute! I honestly don't think your hair looks bad. It actually looks pretty shiny...and your mom was probably right! :)Oh and that is one .awesome deal! 13 bucks! Can't say I've gotten that!

  3. Brittany I love it! You're dressers look amazing! I need to do that, I can't believe you got them for 13 bucks! And your whole apartment is so cute! I seriously love it! Good Job!

  4. yeah your hair isnt that bad :)
    and good job on the dresser!! looks really good in black!

  5. so cute!!! you did an awesome job I love the dresser and your hair :)

  6. Love your cute apartment! ...and you should go on HGTV's design star for your mad skills on redoing furniture! It looks so good:) Glad you guys are all moved in. miss you!

    PS: Those cute onsies(sp?) you gave Zuri are almost too tight:( They were my favorite ones. tear.

  7. Woo hoo! Love the apartment that's so so fun to get your own place and decorate it the way you want! I'm so proud of you you little do it yourself-er...cute furniture for 13 bucks?! that's amazing

  8. wow love the apartment! great job decorating! especially the dresser make-over, it looks amazing!

  9. brittany!! your apartment looks so amazing! i love your craftiness your dressers look awesome you are the best little wife ever!

  10. wow your many talents never end, hairstylist, projecter, and decorator. very impressive!

  11. ugh...britt I just love you. If you saw where we lived you may cry...BUT its actually super fun! I just may be able to speak spanish by the time we move haha. but it looks like you guys are having so much fun, keep them posts comin girl. love love.

  12. FIrst, I like your hair. It looks so good. Abbey just did the same thing and did her own. 2nd, the furniture... love it. That was a GREAT find and it turned out so cute. 3rd, your appartment looks too darn awesome. Can't wait to come and see it! You have done such a good job.