Sunday, August 16, 2009

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"In New York City's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the Major Case Squad. These are their stories."

It's like a drug. I cannot stop watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent. WHERE DO THEY GET THE IDEAS FOR THE STORY LINE?! For real. They get me every time and they're always on in big clumps. 6 episodes in a row.

The key to not getting hookered out of 3-4 hours of your life (and "hookered" is a word when used properly - this being the one of those times) is to catch the episode in the middle and then change the channel before the you see the conclusion. It is the only way, I promise you that there is no other escape. If you do not do that, than you have a 95% chance of staying and watching the beginning of the next episode which, by the way, will start IMMEDIATELY after the episode's conclusion. No commercial break.

At this point you're totally screwed. You're screwed because the writers are Jedi Masters when in comes to capturing human curiosity - and they only need 60 to 90 seconds to hypnotize you. After that, it's game over. You are reeled in for the remainder of the program and all of the others that follow it. You're done when they say your done... or your wife comes out in to the living room and says that it is 3 in the morning and it is time to go to bed.

In other news, Brittany and I have been doing a puzzle the past couple of days. In the time we've spent trying to put it all together I've realized that my wife has a steel vault for all the catch phrases and jingles from various T.V. commercials. We'll keep the T.V. on and Brittany will sing right along with every ad. Old Navy has been airing this one commercial where the mannequins are supposed to be alive, well not really but they have voices and are talking amongst themselves about how the one mannequin is going to break up with the other mannequin cause she got different jeans... anyway, it has been on at least 30 times and Brittany laughs out loud every time. It is beyond me. She really is an interesting girl.

"And yet..." (inside joke)

We saw The Time Travelers Wife the other night and I give it my personal recommendation to anyone out there on the fence about it. One of my friends status on Facebook read: "Just finished reading, The Time Travelers Wife and it was better than the Harry Potter series and Twilight series... combined." Brittany and I really liked it. Brittany cried a bit. And by a bit I mean a lot. It is probably a great idea for a date if you're wanting to lock down a first kiss for all you single readers out there.

Welp, big gulps.


  1. brady.... props!! i am proud of you!! writing a blog... britt loves it!! i cant wait to see you guys in utah

  2. hahah i am just imagining britt and that old navy commercial! making me laugh so hard! thanks for the post B dawg.