Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Grateful Heart

I wanted to write that last blog post so I could get it off my chest and be able to write about my regular life, but somehow I still haven't done that. It's hard! And now we are getting to a difficult time of year. But I just have to share my gratitude I feel at this very moment. It's times like this I don't want to forget, which is so easy to do.

I started my new job as the Assistant to Executive Director of the Center for Digital Antiquity at ASU on October 14, 2013. It was bitter-sweet leaving UVU after 7.5 years. I cannot believe I really worked there that long! I will forever be grateful for my job at UVU with the Behavioral Science department. I couldn't have hand picked a better supervisor or coworkers for me. Especially with all the hard things I went through during my 3 years in that department. They were extremely flexible and understanding when I needed/wanted to fly home to Arizona or just needed a day off because I was sad. I love them!

My last day at UVU was October 9 and that same afternoon we drove to Arizona. It was crazy. That was a Wednesday and I started at ASU on a Monday. Brady drove back to Utah solo on that Sunday. We have been lucky enough to see each other every 2 weeks or so, which has been so great. I don't know if I could handle everything without him. Our biggest life saver is FaceTime!!

Between Brady's different trips to Arizona, he has landed a position as a Commercial Investment Broker with Marcus and Millichap. It's been hard work! Several interviews, tests, new suit (not so hard!) and countless emails and phone calls. I'm so proud of him and super excited for him to get here and start his new career!

My job at ASU has been perfect. The people are great, atmosphere is wonderful and the benefits are seriously AMAZING! I'm just so grateful!!

Thanksgiving is on Thursday and it's hard to take in. I don't like thinking about just one year ago our family was doing family pictures at my grandma's house and my dad was there. I miss him so much. The holidays this year are not going to be easy. I've learned to not push myself into doing things I just plain don't feel like doing...and that's okay!

Well anyway, that's my little grateful heart's story. I'm blessed. Living with my mom has been so great too. I think 2014 is going to be a good year for our family.

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  1. you are so amazing! i am glad you new job is going well! hope brady gets to come join you soon! you amazing brittany! love you!