Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer 2012

This summer has been so great! I need to do better at blogging because I can't even remember what we did in June. We watched the NBA finals (loved it) and I tried making a few new recipes (success!).  We went to concerts in the park, movies in the park and the farmers market! I also found a new love of the Homestead Resort. At the end of the month we headed to Carlsbad, CA for our annual family vacation and had the best time.  We love being with our family and this year we hung out with Keri's family almost every day too! 

When we got back, we had visitors staying at our house almost every day in the month of July.  First up was Brady's sisters, who stayed over a couple nights with their kids and we loved it!!!  It's so fun to have little nieces and nephews around. Lots of family games and food.  In between all the madness I threw Emily a bachelorette party! Then Keri's family came and stayed with us and we had some fun times with them as well.  Lastly, my family came and stayed for a week and we had tons of fun!!  Exploring downtown Salt Lake City, enjoying Midway, demolition derby, dinner at my in-laws and seeing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at Sundance!

Going to eat at Jay's right when Brady and I pulled up to California!

Homestead Resort pool.  One street away from my find ever!

Big family at the Sundance Theater

Hike to Stewart Falls


Bachelorette Party!

Farmer's Market

Demolition Derby

At my in-laws house


Outdoor movie


  1. so fun britt!! I love the place you're looks like a dream. AND I love your swimsuit!!!

  2. i just found your blog, you two are darling! can't wait to follow..XO