Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Update

Wow.  Slightly embarrassed at how long it has been since I actually blogged.  I think I was feeling a little overwhelmed with how much I have to update.  So I apologize and I promise I will try and do better!  Summer has been awesome and I'm super sad it is coming to an end.

1.  Brady and I were on a co-ed soccer team with some of our friends.  I've never played soccer in my life.  Literally I had to Google "how to play soccer" before our first game. Ha!  I have to say I progressed pretty well and even made a goal during our last game!

2. I threw a random YSA (Young Single Adult) party at my house one night.  I invited shelley and a few of her friends up to Heber for a burn barrel to make smores and hang out.  Little did I know, a few of her friends texted their friends, then they texted their friends.  Ended up having half of King Henry at my house while Brady's parents were out of town.  In the mean time, Brady had a guys night in the family room playing XBox.  It ended up being really fun and funny too haha.

3.  For 4th of July we went on our annual Carlsbad, CA trip for 10 days.  I was so happy because this is the first year Brady was able to come!!  And we both got to go for 8 days.  It was the best.  It is so fun being together!!  Can't wait till next year!

4. While we were in California we got to meet up with Brady's sister, Abbey and her husband Matt at the Angels game!!  It was soo fun and I'm so happy we got to see them.  I wish we lived closer!

5. My family came up a couple times this summer, but the last time they came up was for our good friend Parker Jardine's mission farewell.  My dad treated us and took us to The Garden restaurant, which is next to The Roof.  Unfortunately Brady was driving for the business that night, so he couldn't make it, but it was so delicious and so fun to eat up there!  I took this first picture on my phone.  Isn't it beautiful??

6.  I've gone to 7 Peaks almost every Saturday, even if it is by myself or just for a couple hours.  I love it!! 

So there is the recap of our summer so far!!  We are going camping/hiking next weekend.  We've stayed busy and have had a ton of fun.  We've gone to the farmer's market and concert in the park almost every week.  We've been to a few Owlz games and mini golfing at Trafalga. And we even went on a beautiful 6 mile hike. I love it!!  I'm excited for football to start thought! :)


  1. What a fun trip!!! Haha and I love that you go to 7 peaks by yourself that's awesome :)

  2. Cute post! You guys are so fun! Thanks for the much needed chat! love you both!

  3. this looks like a great summer! yes and so sad it is coming to an end! loved that you played soccer! so fun! and went to california and an angels game! so great! you are too cute brittany!

  4. it is about time! i love it!! love your life!!

  5. fun summer and so fun to see you! can we take a picture next summer?? ;)