Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Holidays

Brady and I went to Arizona for Christmas and it was THE BEST. It had been way too long since we had been down. It was extra great to be with my dad, who a lot of you might not know that he just had brain surgery to remove the tumor that came back after 11 years. Learning of the news of my dad's tumor reappearing was really eye opening and made me think about how special my family is to me. I couldn't help but cry on Christmas eve with all my family and cousins around me!! I love my family!!!!

Brady made a potato gun for Chase and Davis. If you don't know what it is, please google it.

Christmas morning! :)

Santa surprised us with an iPad and we were SHOCKED! It was an awesome gift!
Thanks again Mom and Dad!

This is what the entire break looked like. We resumed our positions well.

I got Brady "Lord of the Rings: Risk Trilogy Edition" and he was sooo excited and loved it! These boys came over to play 3 nights in a row and each game lasted till about 3:30 AM!

We hiked Camelback Mountain! Best weather EVER!!!! I love nature.

Me with Jamielyn's sweet baby, Emmalyn. She is a DOLL!!! Love her!!!

Went to dinner with all my best friends from high school and wished we could be in high school again because it was SO FUN!!!! I love them!!

For New Years Eve, we went to the Yard House for dinner and watched fireworks on top of a parking garage in Tempe with Lauren and Ryan! The fireworks were right above us!! I really do not want these two to move to Arizona.

We also went and hung out with Brady's sister Abbey and her husband Matt. I LOVE THEM! I really wish we could live closer so we could hang out more because it is always a good time. Love you guys!


  1. I loved this whole post! We had such a fun Christmas and New Years with you guys! Thank goodness for Brady's new Risk game... The boys loved it!! Lets plan and do something fun this week. Love ya!

  2. What a fun post you are so CUTE! I'm soo sorry to hear about your dad-I'm glad you have a wonderful family to support you :)

  3. Fun to see al your Christmas pics! You girls are adorable! I hope your dad is doing better. He has been in our prayers. Risk in my family is like gold. The guys will do anything to play it! 3 am sounds totally normal for risk players. :) Can your mom be any cuter. She looks like one of your sisters.

  4. Cute pictures Brittany! Looks like you had a great break. :)