Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Update

Summer has been much better!! Here are a few updates.

1. We had the Fish family reunion in Heber, UT on July 1-2. It was really fun to get to know Brady's family better. I finally met 2 of Brady's brothers who I had never even met before!! One of them is married with 4 kids even haha. It was really great!

2. I went to California with my family. Brady wasn't able to come, but he stayed home with his family so I didn't feel too bad. The weather at the beach was rather unfortunate, but it was still fun to be with my family. Going to the beach is my favorite vacation ever!!! This is where I celebrated 4th of July. Random fact: Brady and known/dated each other for FOUR 4th of July's and we have never been together on any of them. We have been married for 2 of them and still have never had one together. Kind of sad bc it is one of my favorite holidays!

3. I went to girls camp for a day. I only went one day because I had to work then we had the reunion. It was a different experience than I was expecting. It is much different going as a leader rather than a girl. You are probably thinking "Um, yeah. Duh" But really, I thought the leaders have just as much fun. Well it is different when you are new in YW and 20 years younger than the other leaders. Puts me in limbo, but I still had fun with my girls.

4. I went to Youth Conference. This was super fun! My yw and I are closer now and we had a lot of fun activities. BBQ, water fight, fireside, testimony meeting, floating provo rivier. Good times.

5. Brady and I are going to California this weekend for our friend Keri's wedding!! YAY!!!! I am so excited to have a mini-vaca with Brad-dawg. It's been way too long. And he deserves a small break from his school classes during the summer. We are staying the night in Vegas on Thursday night with my old roommate Carrie and I am super excited to see her and meet her husband!!

6. We went on a walk last night and the sky was so beautiful. This summer, I have realized how beautiful Utah is!! I love it!! Last Saturday, Brady and I rode 120 miles on his motorcycle! We went up the canyon to Park City. It was wayyyyyyy fun!!

7. Brady and I have been playing cards...a lot. Like every night haha.

8. The only negative thing right now is that I still don't have a full time job. I had a 2nd interview for a job on Wednesday, but I think it fell through. I know something will come soon though!!! I hope :)


  1. i love it!! i got a shout out!! i am so excited for you guys to come!!!

  2. I'm so excited for Keri to get married! While you guys are watching wedding bliss happen before your very eyes Steve and I will be moving.... yuck! BTW: We really like cards, so I think we should do a game night.