Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I know these "job" posts probably get really annoying, but I need help!

I graduated at the worst possible time. I've read several articles that say getting a job is almost as hard as it was during the great depression. Yeah, I know you're thinking, "Wow. That's a little extreme." I thought so too. Until now.

I know it has only been 1 month since I graduated, but the frustration is really starting to kick in. Right now I am still working in my student position in the Dev. Math Deptartment at UVU, which I am extremely grateful for. But 20 hours a week at a student's pay is really not making the cut.

I've applied for several jobs. Interviewed for a few. And been hired by none. I've come to realize that the only way I will be able to get a job is through networking. So this is why I am asking you, my fellow blogging friends, if you have any leads at all.

My degree is in public relations, but I am open to anything at this point.

Thank you for your help in advance!!! Please leave me a comment or write me an e-mail at with any advice, help, support, jobs, tips you would like to give a recent graduate!!


p.s. In response to the post Brady previously wrote, I really had never seen that movie! I watched it this weekend and it was pretty good :)


  1. Brittany, I am so sorry you are having a hard time. You would think a college degree meant something. I wish I had some leads for you! I will definately keep an eye out and we will be praying for you to find something soon! We've been through the jobsearch for a long time and it is really tough. My advice is just to keep hope and keep doing all the things the Lord wants you to be doing. I know, you probably know that already. At one point I remember talking in fast sunday meeting about what happened with us and later that day the Bishop gave us money from an anonymous source in the ward. They continued to give us donations until we had to move out the ward. Its truly amazing how God blesses us in ways that may seem hard at the time. You are amazing and soon a hiring agent will see that you are perfect for their job!

  2. Hello, why am I not on your blog list?! ha anyway, I will keep an eye out for you! Jeff is in advertising and just got a job at a new agency (I know exactly what you mean when you say finding a job is impossible... but it's possible!), and I'll have him find out if they need new PR people. I know they have a few PR interns right now. Love you girl!

  3. I understand completely. I remember thinking that after 4 years of working my butt off in school and getting a great degree I would be able to get a decent job at the very least! I was super hard to find anything were we lived right after getting married... we both ended up working at starbucks for a few months... fresh out of college... haha! Good Luck... talk to lots of people in random places and hope to find a connection, that would be my advice.