Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birthday and Graduation!

It's been a while since we have posted and I don't like that! My 22nd birthday was on April 23 and it was seriously the best birthday yet. It was my first birthday married and I don't know why, but that makes it better haha. Brady got me the best presents and had a cute sign up with decorations. Love him. I don't have many pictures because my camera was delivered to me later in the evening from Arizona.

Basically I didn't have school that day because it was a study day, but Brady still woke me up at 7 because he was too excited for me to open my presents :). Then we went to Mimi's Cafe for breakfast. After we both went to work for a little bit then went to Lauren's graduation bbq, which was great! Then Brady threw me a little surprise party which was the best present ever. Later that night we went and saw Date Night! SO YA! It was a great birthday and I love my husband. And my mom also sent me the greatest gifts too!!!

The next week was my graduation at UVU. I graduated with a degree in Communications (public relations). My family and my grandma came up and it was so fun!! And two of my sisters in law came in town and one of my brother in laws too! So I had so much support and I am so grateful! Thank you Mom, Dad, Emily, Shelley, Davis and Chase too :), Grandma, Lauren, Ashley, Marie, Holly, Ginger, and Todd for being there for me! It's great being finished with school, but now I am on the hunt for a full time job and it's really not super easy, so if you hear of any jobs LET ME KNOW! :)

Well I hope everyone is having a nice week. Mine and Brady's first anniversary is on Saturday, May 15!!! I can't even believe it!! But that is another post in itself :)


  1. Happy birthday to you! And congrats on graduation!

  2. Congrats Brittany!!! and Happy Bday :)

    p.s. I Love Nina-she is the sweetest!

  3. Congrats Brittany! What a great day!

  4. hey brittany! you are going to think i'm creepy but, i totally read your blog! haha and i'm going to add you to my list because i love your blog! p.s congrats oin graduating!!
    emily peterson